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S Perry Chapel End Nursery

Broxted Great Dunmow Essex CM6 2BW

We are a small family run business established over 60 years ago. 

OPEN: 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday
 Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Shallots, Garlic,Asparagus,Rhubarb     Spring planting bulbs   
 New range Mr Fothergills Seeds (see promotion)
Back in stock:
 Levington and Miracle-Gro Composts (Quantity Promotions)
Roses, Fruit Trees and Bushes, Strawberry Plants, Privet, Quickthorn, Laurels.
Large range of Shrubs, Conifers, Ornamental Trees, Herbaceous & Alpine Plants,
Pond Plants, Planting Baskets and Aqua Soil.

Herbs, Vegetable & Bedding Plants, Basket Plants
Filled Wicker Hanging Baskets, Cones and Hanging Pots.
Godwin Composts, Grits, Gravels, Bark and Manure, Pottery Tubs and Pots
Country Value Seeds, Canes, Fertilizers, Half Barrels, Wild Bird Food