S. Perry, Chapel End Nursery
Broxted, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 2BW

TEL: 01279 850771

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Alecs Red
Alpine Sunset
Amber Queen
Arthur Bell
Beautiful Britain
Belle De Jour
Birthday Girl
Blue Moon
Dame De Coeur
Deep Secret
Doris Tysterman
English Miss
Ernest H Morse
For Your Eyes Only
Fragrant Cloud
Glad Tidings
Gold Crown
Golden Wedding
Grandpa Dickson
Great Expectations
Harvest Fayre
Indian Summer
Irish Eyes
Joie De Vivre
Just Joey
Korresia (Friesia)
Lady Marmalade
Lovers Meeting
Many Happy Returns
Margeret Merrill
Memory Lane *(This is the
English Floribunda Variety
Colour: Apricot Pink)

Message (White Knight)
Moment In Time
Peer Gynt
Pink Favourite

Polar Star
Prima Ballerina
Princess Of Wales
Queen Elizabeth
Red Devil
Rose Gaujard
Royal William
Ruby Wedding
Savoy Hotel
Scarlet Queen Elizabeth
Sexy Rexy
Silver Jubilee
Silver Lining
Silver Wedding
Special Anniversary

Summer Fragrance
Summer holiday
Sunny Sky
Super Star
Sweet Honey
Twice In A Blue Moon
Wendy Cussons
Whisky Mac
Youre Beautiful

Climbing Roses £6.50


Albertine Rambler

Alec's Red Climber
All Gold Climber
American Pillar Rambler
Arthur Bell Climber
Best Wishes Climber
Bettina Climber
Blue Moon Climber
Compassion Climber
Danse du Feu Climber
( syn Spectacular Climber)
Dorothy Perkins Rambler
Dublin Bay Climber
Emily Grey Climber
Excelsa Rambler
Golden Showers  Climber
Handel  Climber
Iceberg Climber
Leaping Salmon Climber
Madame Alfred Carriere Climber
Mascarade Climber
New Dawn  Rambler
Orange Sunblaze Climber
Paul's Scarlet Climber
Penny Lane  Climber
Piccadilly Climber
Pink Perpetue  Climber
Queen Elizabeth Climber
Rosy Mantle Climber
Royal Gold Climber
Schoolgirl  Climber
Starlight Symphany Climber
White Cockade  Climber
Zephirine Drouhin Climber

Shrub Roses £6.50



Buff Beauty

Canary Bird (£8)

Cardinal de Richelieu
Magic carpet
Maidens Blush
Moyessii Geranium
Rosa Caninia Dog rose
Roseraie De LHay
The Fairy

Patio Roses £6.50


Bush Baby



Dukes Sunblaze

Garden Party

Gentle Touch
Little Flirt
Mr Bluebird
Pearl Anniversary
Pour Toi
Pretty Polly
Queen Mother

Rainbow Magic

Sweet Dream
Top Marks

Standard Roses £22.50


Alex Red Standard
Arthur Bell Standard
Birthday Girl Standard
Deep Secret Standard
Doris Tysterman Standard

Golden Wedding Standard

Iceberg Standard

Lovers Meeting Standard

Conservation Mini Standard
Festival Mini Standard

Gentle Touch Mini Standard

Irish Eyes Mini Standard

Pearl Anniversary Mini Standard

Pretty Polly Mini Standard

Rainbow Magic Mini standard

Silver Anniversary Mini Standard

Sweet Dream Mini Standard

Top Marks Mini Standard

Bush Roses £6.50

Hedging Roses

Pot of 5  £12.50


Rose Rosa rugosa rubra