S Perry Chapel End Nursery

The nursery is open as usual to customers during lockdown restrictions

Garden Centres are now included on the essential business list

For anyone who feels unsafe going out or is isolating or shielding we will try to accomadate deliveries within our local area

If you do require a delivery please phone on 01279850771


We would like to thank all our customers for your patience and support during these difficult times and ask you to stay safe and enjoy your garden

We are not accepting phone orders

We charge £5 per delivery. There is no charge for collection from the nursery

We can only accept orders sent to the following email address

All Emailed orders must include the following information:

Customer Name

Customer Full address including postcode

Customer phone number

Your order requirements – must include quantity, product, size (if applicable)  

For example :  3  Godwins multipurpose compost 60 Litre

                           1  Rose Queen Elizabeth    or other pink variety

Please mark your order clearly for collection or delivery

Please note - a general term or colour eg “Patio rose – pink” rather than specific variety will increase the chance of availability.  Please be careful to include all this information as unfortunately if received emails do not contain the above we will not be able to process them.  Can we request that you only use this email address if you wish to place an order, as we are unable to answer general enquires at the moment. Please do not add attachments or pictures.Delivered orders may take seven days or more.

Orders for Collection should be available same or following day.

For deliveries after receiving your email we will phone you within a few days, this is usually the day before delivery, with availability, price and delivery date.  At this point, we will confirm the order with you, answer any questions you may have (although please keep these brief as we are very busy!) and take card payment over the phone. Please avoid ammending the order when we phone you to confirm the order as this slows the process,  please DO NOT send additional emails as we are finding it hard to collate them.

We will deliver to your gate or garden with no contact.

 Please phone the telephone number on your receipt if you have any query with delivered items

Apologies for these limitations, but hopefully you will appreciate that we are trying to be as efficient as possible to fulfil as many customer orders as we can in these difficult times.

At the moment we are unable to share full price lists and availability. Our website displays the types of products we have available and gives prices for compost and roses. There are more,  but not all yet,listed  on Facebook. Look under menu

We currently have a good supply of the following:

Product group

Sundry items

Fertilisers, chemicals, pots, tools, grits & gravels, water softener salt tablets etc

Trees, Fruit Trees & Bushes

Ornamental trees, fruit trees, fruit bushes,

Shrubs, conifers

Evergreen, deciduous shrubs & climbers, conifers,


Hybrid Tea, Bush, Patio, Climbing, Shrub, Standard

Smaller plants

herbaceous perennials, alpines, and herbs